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  1. Mejin
    Nov 01,  · In its early stages, dementia can cause symptoms, such as: Not coping well with change. You may have a hard time accepting changes in .
  2. Mezill
    The symptoms displayed with progressive dementia may vary in severity and order of appearance. There is a fluctuation of abilities for the person with dementia, of-ten depending upon the time of day. Some days will seem much better, making family caregivers wonder if the diagnosis is correct.
  3. Bragrel
    For example, people with Lewy body dementia may have some early symptoms similar to a person with Alzheimer's disease, like memory impairment, but are more likely to also have visual hallucinations, sleep problems, and a slow gait. 2  On the contrary, memory problems are often not a problem in the early stages of frontotemporal dementia; instead, pronounced changes in personality and behavior are .
  4. Jukora
    Mar 27,  · Some symptoms that may occur in dementia-like conditions can also be treated, although some symptoms may only respond to treatment for a period of time. A team of specialists—doctors, nurses, and speech, physical, and other therapists—familiar with these disorders can help guide patient care.
  5. Neramar
    Introduction. The term pseudo-dementia (PDEM) was coined by Kiloh ()[] to describe the cases, which closely mimicked the picture of scoranitaddanbodomensitefitco.xyzinfo then, the term has been used to describe the cognitive profile of various psychiatric disorders, especially depression in old age, which present with cognitive deterioration in dementia.
  6. Barr
    Aug 20,  · Dementia involves several stages that each exhibit their own unique indicators and a severity of symptoms. Learn more about dementia and its stages, its symptoms and the treatment options for the disease. Talk to an expert about finding care: Talk to an expert about finding care:
  7. Zunos
    Lewy Body Dementia Lewy body dementiasymptoms can range from traditional parkinsonian effects, such as loss of spontaneous movement, rigidity (muscles feel stiff and resist movement), tremor, and shuffling gait, to effects similar to those of Alzheimer's disease, such as acute confusion, loss of memory, and loss of (or fluctuating) cognition.
  8. Akinotaxe
    Jan 15,  · Vascular Dementia. Early symptoms: Initial symptoms often include word-finding difficulty, memory loss, challenges in executive functioning and slow processing speed. These symptoms may be related to a transient ischemic event, a stroke or unnoticed small vessel disease (which includes changes in the brain such as white matter lesions and narrowing of the arteries).