Untitled - Hitlers Clones - Niggers Leaders (CDr)

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  1. Dotaxe
    Jan 15,  · Hunting Hitler retraces the steps the Nazi leader might have taken in escaping Under Nazi rule, Berlin's underground was expanded into sprawling web .
  2. Tagis
    The social, political and most certainly spiritual sodomy your so-called leaders endure thanks to imposters, frauds, and Johnny-come-lately white people posing as the original Jews renders them useless sodomites who much like the Jews of the Bible have had the Negro race wondering in a complete circle for the last four hundred years.
  3. Mujind
    In our imaginary class of most ruthless, bloodthirsty tyrants, Stalin sits next to Adolf Hitler. Undoubtedly, Hitler massacred scores of Jewish and non-Germans around Europe, but most of Stalin’s’ victims were his own countrymen, people he ruled over. Starting from 20’s all the way to 50’s, Josef Stalin ruled soviet Union with an iron fist.
  4. Zudal
    Feb 23,  · Top Nazi Leader's Car - Amazing Barn Find - Duration: Mark Felton Productions , views. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini greet each other and discuss during a meeting n.
  5. Nekora
    Nov 29,  · If Adolf Hitler was cloned, using today's methods, what do you think would happen to the clone, the doctor who cloned him, and what do you think would be the world's reaction. Sadly we may have to deal with something like this one day. Just wondering what your oppinons are. THANK YOU ALL.
  6. Shashakar
    The Nazi leader Baron Bedlam used a scientist named Madame Ovary to clone Adolf Hitler. This clone had the physical appearance of Hitler, but not his memories or experience. Bedlam tried to recreate Hitler by forcing this clone to watch Nazi propaganda videos. This included many graphic depictions of the scoranitaddanbodomensitefitco.xyzinfors: Mike W. Barr · Alan Davis.
  7. Mohn
    May 22,  · ADOLF Hitler’s death has proved to be a highly contentious subject among historians with some claiming the evil dictator died at the hands of the Soviet Army rather than by suicide. Now a.
  8. Dougami
    Hitler's clone (also called Bruno Ganz sometimes for no reason) is a cloned version Adolf Hitler who lives in a Nazi bunker. He also likes Billy Mays. He was created in to replace Hitler in Nazi Government. After real Hitler's death, he became Der Führer, but a few years later, Chuck Norris forced him to retreat to a bunker.