Why Oh Why?

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  1. Tobar
    May 20,  · [Intro: Blake] Bb "Why, oh why, oh why?" Asking "Why, oh why, oh why?" [Verse 1: Reece] Bb Always thought when I was younger (Younger) I would have it figured out by now, oh Gm Now I know, because I'm older (Older) It ain't that easy, no, no, no Bb If I never clean my act up (Act up) My girl ain't sticking around, no Gm Always crying through her make-up (Make-up) It ain't that easy, no, .
  2. Mikus
    "Why Oh Why" by Stephane Huguenin, Yves Sanna& Christian Padovan (credited in-game as Love Letter) is featured as a downloadable track on the Xbox version of Just Dance 3, and is available on the main tracklist of Just Dance: Summer Party Code Name: WhyOWhy.
  3. Fenrizil
    Why Oh Why Lyrics: This nigga to give it all to me with the cut / *door knocking* / Get the door / Yo wassup? What you need? / Hmm? Yeah / I'm out / Hop in the ' Chevy, countin boutin the heat.
  4. Tocage
    Jun 19,  · Why Oh Why? Permalink. Don't the Wallys trying to have Qld adopt Daylight Stupid Time also campaign for SA, the NT, and WA to all change their clocks to match the the other eastern states? Just asking because some are trying to link the opening of the Qld border to new Federal rules for movement between the states.
  5. Balrajas
    Why Oh Why (Liquid Child Remix) () = This is by far the most darkest and fastest out of all the remixes on this single. The vocals are also speeded up a bit to make your dancing experience beyond great.5/5(5).
  6. Mazur
    Why, oh why can't I lay this trouble down? Lies, your lies keep coming back around And 'round and 'round and 'round. You're a shot of whiskey Straight and smooth and killing me You're like a prayer I shouldn't pray You're like a sad song, I can't help but sing along You're all the pleasure and the pain. Why, oh why can't I lay this trouble down?
  7. Tugor
    Mar 15,  · Why Oh why! written by: Donna Africa @DonnaAfrica. Why oh why to be given such a passionate ravenous & roaring heart, if not to give love and to be loved I ask myself why? Why oh why to be given luscious red lips if not to smooch & kiss as this is my desire & wish to be tenderly kissed I ask myself why? Why oh why to be given loving open arms Author: Donna Africa.
  8. Kigagul
    Lyrics to 'Why Oh Why?' by Nelson. You're a mattress - you're a bees nest You are heroin in an armored vest You're a plane crash - you are white trash You're a rubber arrow through my chest So why oh why am I still in love with you? Nelson - Why Oh Why?
  9. Kazishakar
    Why Oh Why Lyrics: Do da n de da n dai / (do da n de da n dai) / It's a feeling I got inside / Tell me just why oh why / Do da n de da n dai / Sky is blue and the day is light / I look to the sun / I.